System Engineer 1097

Closing on: May 10, 2021

The Customer develops and maintains enterprise access control solutions to ensure secure data sharing. Customer requires program management and engineering support to provide total systems perspectives and technical understanding of relationships, dependencies, and requirements, as well as ensure deployments are well documented and meet SecDevOps standards. The systems engineering work spans multiple missions and environments.

The development of these systems are managed using an agile methodology where the team decomposes user stories which are tracked using JIRA.

A.     Work Requirement:

The Employee shall perform system engineering and system administration functions on systems such as Common Services or Identity and Access Management (IdAM), Data Dictionary (DAD), Customer Registration (eREG), and application auditing systems.

The Employee shall work with stakeholders to implement systems build outs.

The Employee shall recommend systems improvements to increase efficiency of operations.

The Employee shall translate requirements into platform infrastructure and software specifications.

The Employee shall design, document and build a capability to report real time monitoring information.

The Employee shall perform operations and maintenance activities for systems, to include performing monitoring and alerting, as well as ensuring availability, stability, performance, and recovery.

The Employee shall define system capacity and performance standards.

The Employee shall maintain infrastructure platforms with current software releases.

The Employee shall update or create system design and technical specifications documentation.

The Employee shall update operations and maintenance standard operating procedures and How-To’s.

The Employee shall update and create systems diagrams and drawings, logical flowcharts, or other written artifacts.

The Employee shall configure and maintain infrastructure associated with the cloud environment.

The Employee shall design, document, and automate the build of AWS infrastructure.

The Employee shall support the AWS infrastructure for new systems.

The Employee shall test system improvements and changes.

The Employee shall conduct systems deployments.

The Employee shall support system re-accreditation.

The Employee shall implement system security control improvements.

The Employee shall design, develop, and operate systems that automate code deployment and testing.

The Employee shall write shell or bash scripts, to be run by tools like Rundeck, to perform automation.

The Employee shall assist stakeholders with drafting and reviewing an annual roadmap.

The Employee shall research and respond to action items.


The Employee shall have the following required skills and demonstrated experience:

  • Demonstrated experience with Application Programing Interface (API) Gateways.
  • Demonstrated experience with AWS Services, such as EC2, KMS, RDS, S3, IAM, and CloudFormation.
  • Demonstrated experience configuring Apache and Tomcat web servers.
  • Demonstrated experience with HTTPS/HTTP services and how to test them.
  • Demonstrated experience using software version control tools such as GITHUB.
  • Demonstrated experience using DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Rundeck, or Nexus.
  • Demonstrated experience with Linux and issuing commands for activities such as process monitoring, file management, and searching.
  • Demonstrated experience accessing and managing Linux servers from a Windows Workstation via tools such as Putty, Pageant, Git, or Curl.
  • Demonstrated experience creating system engineering documents and diagrams.
  • Demonstrated experience integrating COTS solutions into a large scale IT enterprise systems.
  • Demonstrated experience using JIRA and supporting decomposition of features into stories.
  • Demonstrated experience with assessing, documenting and tracking new requirements and follow-on technical exchange meetings (TEMs).


Other demonstrated experiences which are highly desired, though not required, include:

  • Demonstrated experience evaluating and applying new technologies to enterprise Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) services.
  • Demonstrated experience with software deployment in the Customer’s environment.
  • Demonstrated experience with testing practices for attributes, resource metadata, and access control components.
  • Demonstrated experience with enterprise level attribute federation.
  • Demonstrated experience working on Customer’s networks and Intranet System(s).
  • Demonstrated experience supporting information systems security analyses or reviews.
Job Category: Systems Engineer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Reston

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