System Engineer 1096

Closing on: May 10, 2021

The Customer requires support to work within an existing development team to build and document automated security development operations environments within the C2S environment. The systems engineering work spans multiple missions across multiple environments.  Applications may be COTS products, open source products, or the Customer’s applications.

The Customer’s systems include Identity and Access Management elements such as the API gateway, Data Dictionary and Registration.

The staff project manager will set priorities.

  1. Work Requirement:

The Employee shall work with other employee developers to design, document and build a capability to report information for real-time monitoring.

The Employee shall provide real-time monitoring to ensure application availability, performance and statistics for each system capability such as VDE, STS, CAP, Registration, Data Dictionary, and API Gateway.

The Employee shall design, document, and automate the build of AWS infrastructure.

The Employee shall support the AWS infrastructure for new systems including AWS resources and the content of the “userdata” script for configuring servers.

The Employee shall design, document, automate the build of, and provide support to development and operations (DevOps) systems.

The Employee shall enable automation of code deployment and testing.

The Employee shall write shell scripts such as bash scripts, to be run by tools like Rundeck to perform automation.

The Employee shall identify a production system’s functional, performance, or security issues using available monitoring tools, server or application logs.

The Employee shall test application programming interfaces (APIs) using tools such as Curl or Openssl.

The Employee shall store and access developed artifacts using the Customer’s designated configuration management tool.

The Employee shall participate in the planning of new systems or interfaces.

The Employee shall work with the “as built” architecture.

The Employee shall manage JIRA items and provide JIRA statistics to the staff PM.

The Employee shall discuss the status of JIRA items, project risks, and risk mitigations with the employee PM.

The Employee shall run daily scrums.

The Employee shall ensure regression and performance testing is performed after each deployment.

The Employee shall participate in a shared, rotational on-call duty pager.

The Employee shall have the following required skills and demonstrated experience:

  • Demonstrated experience using Linux commands for activities such as process monitoring, file management, and searching.
  • Demonstrated experience accessing Linux servers from a Windows Workstation via tools such as Putty, Pageant, Git, and Curl.
  • Demonstrated experience creating software architecture and engineering documents and diagrams.
  • Demonstrated experience working with AWS Services, particularly EC2, KMS, RDS, S3, IAM, and CloudFormation.
  • Demonstrated experience configuring Apache and Tomcat web servers.
  • Demonstrated an understanding of HTTPS/HTTP services and how to test them.
  • Demonstrated experience using software version control tools such as GITHUB.
  • Demonstrated experience using DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Rundeck, and Nexus.
  • Demonstrated experience as a Scrum Master.
  • Demonstrated experience using JIRA.
  • Demonstrated experience decomposing features into stories.
  • Demonstrated experience sizing and writing user stories.
  • Demonstrated experience managing tasks spanning multiple projects.
  • Demonstrated experience leading development teams across multiple interdependent projects.
  • Demonstrated experience coordinating team deliverables and schedules.
  • Demonstrated experience supporting the delivery of Enterprise solutions.
  • Demonstrated experience tracking requirements to ensure deliveries meet schedule.

Other demonstrated experiences which are highly desired, though not required, include:

  • Demonstrated experience developing or maintaining large scale enterprise programs.
  • Demonstrated experience integrating COTS solutions into large scale enterprise programs.
  • Demonstrated experience with the Customer’s PKI infrastructure.
  • Demonstrated experience with the Customer’s projects STS, VDE, Registration, Data Dictionary, or API Gateway.
  • Demonstrated experience using PKI tools and protocols such as x.509, OpenSSL, OAuth, and LDAP.
  • Demonstrated experience with HTTP Gateway concepts, products, or frameworks.
  • Demonstrated experience with agile development methodologies and practices.
  • Demonstrated experience working with the Customer’s auditing and monitoring tools and processes.
  • Demonstrated experience participating forums to address issues such as strategy, architecture, policy, road-maps, key processes, dependencies, interoperability, technology, and governance.
  • Certifications
    • Certified Scrum Master
Job Category: Software Engineer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Reston

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