System Engineer 1084

Closing on: May 10, 2021

The Customer’s office provides search and discovery solutions to enable users to find the most relevant data available on their topics of interest. The Customer requires system engineering support to create an engineering design and implementation plan for various mission specific applications and services.  The secondary focus of this support is providing technical guidance for an engineering team.

A.     Work Requirement:

The Employee shall develop and deliver a modular enterprise engineering design and implementation plan for applications.

The Employee shall support infrastructure hosting workloads in both on premises and cloud environments such as AWS and Azure.

The Employee shall provide technical guidance to design modular operating system baselines that support data and application Tier hosting strategies.

The Employee shall work as part of a team.

The Employee shall implement SysOps and DevOps concepts within the Customer’s organization.

The Employee shall engineer designs for storage, backup and platforms (such as Linux and Windows).

The Employee shall engineer configurations for storage, backup and platforms (such as Linux and Windows).

The Employee shall troubleshoot issues with the design and configuration of storage, backup and platforms.

The Employee shall deliver a Secure Web and Application Services engineering, design, configuration and implementation solutions for cloud services.

The Employee shall integrate open source frameworks and products.

The Employee shall deploy open source packages and application stacks into customer’s production landscape that allows multi-threaded software to use multiple processor in a distributed environment.

The Employee shall produce requirements and specifications documentation.

The Employee shall work with Customer to maintain and implement a strategy for handling security-sensitive applications.

The Employee shall address applicable auditing requirements.

The Employee shall comply with the Customer’s Assessment and Authorization (A&A) process.

The Employee shall produce artifacts and documentation to support the Customer’s A&A process.

The Employee shall have the following required skills and demonstrated experience:

  • Demonstrated experience in an enterprise environment.
  • Demonstrated experience reviewing and evaluating engineering designs to ensure standards and best practices are met.
  • Demonstrated experience with enterprise engineering design and implementation of storage using Files, Objects and Blocks.
  • Demonstrated experience with enterprise engineering design and implementation of platforms using Windows and Linux.
  • Demonstrated experience with enterprise engineering design and implementation of web and application services.
  • Demonstrated experience with enterprise engineering design and implementation of secure remote access to web and SaaS applications with zero endpoint configuration.
  • Demonstrated experience with different technology solutions for secure web and application services such as Citrix Secure Browser.
  • Demonstrated experience with system monitoring and management tools such as Nagios, Icinga, App Dynamics or CloudWatch.
  • Demonstrated experience implementing SAN and NAS technology along with different protocols for each storage technology.
  • Demonstrated experience building AWS infrastructure.
  • Demonstrated experience using Amazon Web Services technologies such as AWS Command Line (AWSCLI), Amazon Machine Images (AMI), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3) and Glacier, Elastic Block Storage, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), or CloudWatch and Autoscaling.
  • Demonstrated experience with automated provisioning technologies or methods, such as Amazon Web Services CloudFormation, GitHub, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, or AWS bootstrapping via cloud-init scripts.
  • Demonstrated experience with Linux (RHEL, CentOS, or Scientific Linux) or Microsoft Windows Server (2008 R2 or 20I2 R2) environments.
  • Demonstrated experience engineering, building, configuring, and maintaining via Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Demonstrated experience supporting development efforts to tuning/troubleshoot both application and OS level issues.
  • Demonstrated experience configuring and securing web and application servers such as Apache HTTPD, Apache Tomcat, JBoss EAP, or SOLR.

Other demonstrated experiences which are highly desired, though not required, include:

  • Demonstrated experience with virtual apps, desktops, and data from any device.
  • Demonstrated experience with installing and configuring Endeca, Autonomy IDOL, or ZooKeeper.
  • Demonstrated experience with different enterprise storage to include Tier 1-4, such as, highly volatile and time sensitive data, transactional data, hot data and infrequent used data (Please provide experience with each Tier).
  • Demonstrated experience with information security practices such as cryptography, privilege separation, RBAC, Auditing, Patching, Security Benchmark Compliance, or OS hardening.
Job Category: Software Engineer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Herndon

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