System Administrator 1071

Closing on: May 10, 2021

The Customer’s mission provides identity and forensic services in the areas of sample analysis, database support, specialized laboratory equipment and software analysis. The working environment is a dynamic, multi-disciplined, mission focused environment.

The Customer is responsible for analysis utilizing state of the art computer systems, laboratory instrumentation, and software. The Customer requires support to manage and monitor computers, software, databases, and equipment that enables the analysis of data. The Customer’s mission includes specialized laboratory technology with its related software as well as cloud based software and databases.  The Customer seeks highly qualified system administrator capable of tackling challenges throughout the life cycle of the customer’s technology and software.  The Customer provides all technical direction to project teams.

A.     Work Requirement:

The Employee shall maintain Linux servers within the customer enterprise.

The Employee shall perform general systems administration in a cloud based environment, including but not limited to, log monitoring and performance monitoring.

The Employee shall deploy, manage and operate applications in a cloud computing environment.

The Employee shall administer cloud computing applications to include patching, upgrading AMI, and maintaining application availability.

The Employee shall test, maintain, and monitor standalone computers.

The Employee shall install new programs for laboratory instruments on standalone computers.

The Employee shall assist in troubleshooting issues with hardware and software installations on standalone computers connected to laboratory instruments.

The Employee shall communicate with vendors and customer to resolve software or hardware installation problems.

The Employee shall coordinate new instrument and computer installation with vendors and customer entities.

The Employee shall coordinate maintenance of analytical instruments and associated software with vendors.

The Employee shall coordinate with the appropriate personnel working in the laboratory, remote development teams, and other customer entities.

The Employee shall back up data for customer systems.

The Employee shall transition old computer and laboratory equipment and replace with new technology.

The Employee shall perform operating system software updates and upgrades (DUD disk), virus definition updates, and other associated software updates.

The Employee shall create, understand, implement, and update and approve System Security Plans for customer technology.

The Employee shall support customer requirements for security scans of computers and applications installed in customer spaces.

The Employee shall assist in the property inventory process.

The Employee shall help reconcile property discrepancies.

The Employee shall assist in the retrieval of information from various databases to accurately track and inventory items.

The Employee shall place orders for new supplies and equipment via appropriate databases

The Employee shall coordinate and track incoming/outgoing shipments and supplies via appropriate databases

The Employee shall transport shipments to/from locations in the WMA

The Employee shall use good judgment and personal initiative in recognizing appropriate action to be taken for completion of tasks.

The Employee shall demonstrate a high level of service delivery.

The Employee shall have the following required skills and demonstrated experience:

  • Demonstrated experience managing Linux Servers in an enterprise environment.
  • Demonstrated experience working with Amazon Web Services or other cloud based services.
  • Demonstrated experience with Linux operating systems.
  • Demonstrated experience performing evaluation and troubleshooting for computer and application related problems, such as malfunctions and problems with software, analytical equipment and associated computers.
  • Demonstrated experience testing, maintaining, and monitoring computer programs and systems.
  • Demonstrated experience coordinating the installation of specialized computer programs such as instrument specific software, and systems.
  • Demonstrated experience demonstrating independent problem solving related to installation of specialized computer programs.
  • Demonstrated experience performing price estimation or purchasing.
  • Demonstrated experience performing physical installation, inventory and physical decommission activities.
  • Demonstrated experience physically installing workstations, servers and other specialty equipment.

Other demonstrated experiences which are highly desired, though not required, include:

  • Demonstrated experience using Customer databases for tracking incoming and outgoing shipments.
  • Demonstrated experience performing approved security lockdowns of computers associated with analytical equipment.
  • Demonstrated experience working with the customer’s security regulations.
  • Demonstrated experience working with data sensitivity and handling restrictions
  • Demonstrated experience working with vendors to coordinate deliveries, installation and maintenance activities.
  • Demonstrated experience as a data transfer officer with the customer.
  • Demonstrated experience with implementation of system security plans and security scans.
  • Demonstrated experience working with the customers’ security requirements for purchasing, installation and decommission.
  • Demonstrated experience placing orders for new supplies and equipment via appropriate Customer databases.
  • Demonstrated experience with transporting shipments within the WMA
Job Category: Systems Administrator
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Reston

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