Software Engineer 904

Expired on: Apr 9, 2021
  1. Introduction:

The Customer manages a large number of data scientists of varying levels of experience, to deliver data science products across the entire Customer organization.

Project priorities are managed by the staff manager of the business unit.

  1. Work Requirement:

The Employee team shall work closely with the Customer to review data science requirements and provide regular status updates.

The Employee team shall implement data science requirements, to include data engineering and data analytics services.

The Employee team shall use the full software lifecycle to create data science products.

The Employee team shall work with a project-based team comprised of staff and other employees.

The Employee team shall have the following required skills and demonstrated experience:

  • Demonstrated experience programming with Python or Java.
  • Demonstrated experience with general Linux computing and advanced bash scripting
  • Demonstrated experience constructing complex multi-data source queries with database technologies such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, or RDS.
  • Demonstrated experience processing data sources containing structured or unstructured data.
  • Demonstrated experience delivering results to stakeholders through written documentation and oral briefings.
  • Demonstrated experience using code repositories such as Git.
  • Demonstrated experience using build/deployment pipelines such as Jenkins.
  • Demonstrated experience working with multiple stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated experience documenting such artifacts as code and methodologies.

Other demonstrated experiences which are highly desired, though not required, include:

  • Demonstrated experience with AWS services such as RDS, S3, and EC2
  • Demonstrated experience using big data processing tools such as Apache Hadoop or Apache Spark.
  • Demonstrated experience developing data pipelines with NiFi to bring data into a central environment
  • Demonstrated experience with machine learning algorithms.
  • Demonstrated experience using container frameworks such as Docker or Kubernetes.
  • Demonstrated experience using data visualizations tools such as Tableau or Apache Superset.
  • Demonstrated experience using the Customer’s Enterprise Data Layer(s) (contents, structure, and metadata).


Job Category: Systems Engineer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Reston
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