Software Engineer 586

The Customer runs a portfolio of COTS and Customer products which together make up the Customer’s partners and the Customers Access Control Services. These services have developed project/capability specific interfaces for users, which requires users to know and understand each project in our organization, to enter/or re-enter the same or similar data, necessary to set up an account with each services, and provides an inconsistent look and feel. This postion will create a Self Service Registration Portal which will accommodate the different types of users which must interact with our systems but are not limited to; Project Managers which come to our system for detail information analysis top level engineering etc.; Developers that are using ICAM APIs within their baselines; authoritative providers of data for use by our services; identities to be used within ICAM services; datasets that ICAM will protect and authoritative attributes that are used in authorization policies; Integration partners.

  1. Work Requirement:

Resources will report directly to the Customer’s Common Services Lead, and work in collaboration with the Technical Director, and as well as Staff and Employee Leadership in Customers Divisions to prioritize requirements.

The resources will build an integrated Portal unifying the services under the Customer Brand. The Portal will integrate with Enterprise Access Control Services for Authentication, Authorization etc., and integrate with other corporate resources such as Data Hound, TAP, and Customers help desk suite etc., to capture and collect business data from a broader context. Users should become members of their roles using the enterprise entitlement management services, but may have multiple roles.

Based on the users (roles) they will be provided a portal which will enable them to manage their relationship with the Customer. Project Managers should be able to see the total number of Projects, developers, Application Certificates, API’s etc. are associated with their projects, manage Project management data etc. Developers should be able to find their way to all of the APIs, it’s documentation, Security Keys to include OAUTH, SWAGGER, Authentication tokens and other interfaces and components as necessary. Resource owners have multiple types which will need to be tailored through collecting requirements, but the most common resource owner times are Entitlement Resource Owners, Attribute Resource Owners, Value Resource Owners, and Policy Resource owners. These map to discretely to different Access Control Elements in the Access Control Echo system and enable the Owners depending on the element to create, modify delete, approve or revoke access of people or systems to use their elements in the system. Integration Partners, who are responsible for a data feed which drives our access control system, provide data into our Attribute Aggregation System, our Access Control Authorization Service (Resource PIPs), and in some cases our entitlement management systems. These users are more technical in natures and the registration in this context is essentially managing and Interface Control Document.

The resources will be primarily responsible for creating the 508 compliant portal UI/UX and to integrate use and consume the interfaces from other teams. In the cases where the portal needs to integrate a concept, but API’s or other integration points do not exist, the Portal, provide an automated notification that provides a consistent user experience, but results in engaging a human to complete processing. That Human should acknowledge the completion of that activity in the portal.

All Data must be extractable through APIs so has to be shared by other systems within the office, but also with other Customer’s partners who also perform similar activities

The resources shall provide Requirements Collection and Systems engineering Support to engage with various stakeholders within the office and Customer to collect requirements and prioritize business statements. The employee will also provide Software Development Support which include the development of the portal using modern Development Techniques to include DevOPS and CI/CD. The employee will provide support to Information Systems Security Officer’s (ISSO’s) staff in support of accreditation. The employee will provide support to testing team if available or develop test scripts for unit, performance, integration and regression testing and report results to staff management.

The resources will provide recommendations to the Customer for Process improvement, user experience enhancement or other recommendations that could or should improve a user’s experience with our organization.

The employee shall have the following required skills and demonstrated experience in addition to those outlined in the labor categories:


  • Demonstrated experience performing software design and development.
  • Demonstrated experience writing/transforming/extending code in Java using modern build tools (Maven or Gradle preferred) and IDEs (Eclipse or IntelliJ preferred).
  • Demonstrated experience working with software version control tools (Git/GitHub preferred).
  • A working knowledge of automated testing techniques (code coverage analysis, unit testing, mocking, and integration testing preferred).
  • Demonstrated Experience producing and consuming REST and HAL Compliant API’s
  • Demonstrated experience working in Linux environment.
  • Demonstrated experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Demonstrated experience developing user interface to ICD 508 accessibility compliance.
  • A working knowledge of HTTP Gateway concepts, products, or frameworks. A working knowledge of DevOps tools and technologies such as Jenkins, Rundeck, and Nexus.
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure and technologies
  • Demonstrated experience in designing, securing, and automating the deployment of both Windows and Linux environments.
  • Demonstrated experience writing Linux shell scripts (bash preferred)
  • Demonstrated experience in drafting and contributing to a full range of architectural and engineering documentation, such as System Security Plans or other related program documents
  • A working knowledge of agile development methodologies and practices including sprint planning, sprint retrospectives, work backlog, user stories, acceptance criteria, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience with event correlation and root cause analysis skills.

Other demonstrated experiences which are highly desired, though not required, include:

  • Demonstrated experience working in an Agile environment (e.g., sprint planning, sprint retrospectives, work backlog, user stories, acceptance criteria, story clarifications).
  • Demonstrated experience with Java software development frameworks such as Spring/Spring Boot or similar.
  • Demonstrated Experience with Identity Access Management as a Technical Practice Area
  • Demonstrated experience with the Customer’s PKI infrastructure and related tools (x.509, OpenSSL, OAuth, LDAP).
  • Demonstrated experience building REST API services in Java and a working knowledge of the HTTP protocol.
  • Demonstrated experience building web applications (UI) in Java with support of relevant modern scripting languages (such as JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap).
  • Demonstrated experience writing Linux shell scripts (bash preferred).
  • Experience with the customer System Certifications Processes (SSP, A&A)
  • Demonstrated experience with development and/or maintenance of large scale enterprise programs which include the integration of COTS solutions
  • Demonstrated experience working with the customer’s auditing and monitoring tools and processes
  • Demonstrated experience collaborating with customer staff, IT customers and other technical and non-technical staff and employees at all levels to communicate translate technical outcomes into executive use, and to translate business needs into technical tasking, without the assistance of the customer.


Place of Performance

Reston, VA

Job Category: Software Engineer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Reston

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