Database Administrator 857

  1. Introduction:
    The Customer requires a AWS cloud server that will support Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) data science operations with a user interface. The Customer requires technical support services for a mission-impact focused office.
    B. Work Requirement:
    The Employee team shall support the Customer in advancing data science and AI/ML innovations from lab to enterprise. The Employee team shall provide AI/ML Data Science and Technical Services. The Employee team shall communicate with stakeholders to support data science and AI/ML, projects and partnerships. The Employee team shall collect, synthesize and assess data science trends and methods creating meeting summaries.
    The Employee team shall draft technical reports, graphics, and summary documents to foster a collaborative data-science culture. The Employee team shall develop programs and systems for data aggregation, data analytics, data summarization, and data visualization on structured and unstructured datasets. The Employee team shall work closely with the Customer on all activities and efforts.
    The Employee team shall build, develop, and maintain a AWS automated workflow management system. The Employee team shall ensure the Customer’s data is discoverable and available. The Employee team shall provide data science and technical services across the entire AI/ML pipeline. The Employee team shall discover, ingest, prepare, label, and manage Customer data. The Employee team shall develop, test, validate, manage, and deploy AI/ML models. The Employee team shall provide services to label data using methods such as taggers and tagging tools. The Employee team shall launch and maintain state-of-the-art repositories to house AI/ML materials such as open source data, models, algorithms, and academic literature.
    The Employee team shall conduct requirements capture sessions with multiple Customer stakeholders. The Employee team shall draft technical reports to capture Customer interactions with SMEs, stakeholders, and partners. The Employee shall proactively offer solutions and recommendations on current and emerging technologies and design approaches. The Employee team shall identify technology gaps in current capabilities and processes. The Employee team shall create original concepts and theories for various projects. The Employee team shall communicate complex technical issues into understandable concepts for mission partner audiences.
    • Demonstrated experience with C2S/AWS, MySQL, PostgresSQL, NoSQL and ElasticSearch
    • Demonstrated experience with Object or component oriented development software
    • Demonstrated experience implementing security requirements for databases
    • Demonstrated experience developing, documenting, & implementing backup & recovery procedures
    • Demonstrated experience configuring, managing and maintaining databases
    • Demonstrated experience working with LINUX/UNIX and Windows operating systems
    • Demonstrated experience interpreting data models and developing database structures
    • Demonstrated experience using standard techniques to design and develop computer data models
    • Demonstrated experience implementing and troubleshooting database changes and modifications
    • Demonstrated experience with system and database design, development, interfacing with other systems, security, accreditation, system administration, and database management in Customer’s cloud environment.
Job Category: Database Administrator
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: WMA

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