Applications Developer 474

Expired on: Apr 16, 2021


The Customer requires Employee support for the development of several capabilities supporting access automation efforts. The Employee team shall integrate this automation into a select list of applications for O&M sustainment. All applications leverage GitHub, Jenkins for code management, Angular user interfaces with SQL back ends using REST web services leveraging Spring and Hibernate. All new capabilities will comply with that architecture, unless exceptions are approved by the Customer.

Work Requirement:

The Employee shall provide a dedicated development and test team to create these new automated capabilities. Capability updates are deployed at least quarterly and include full documentation for acceptance of the Customer on behalf of the O&M team.

The Customer’s robust and comprehensive structured approach will be utilized using an Agile software development team. The Employee team shall provide the following support:

  • Develop requirements for new functionality, redesign the capabilities and/or exploit existing tools to add new features supporting team services, optimize, scale or improve stability and performance.
  • Develop and manage the security accreditation documentation and process for security relevant changes.
  • Develop and maintain O&M documentation to ensure the smooth transition to ongoing operations and maintenance. In particular documentation to simplify the enhancement of the capability as surrounding systems change.
  • Automate and provide identified Customer provided DevOps metrics; which include, total deployments, failed deployments, change lead time, mean time to recovery, change volume, customer ticket volume, new user volume, total user volume, availability, and response time.

The Customer uses the Agile Framework to plan all efforts. The Employee shall use the Agile Scrum for software development. The Employee shall identify the appropriate sprint cycle timeframe, gain approval from the Customer, and use the Customer’s project work tracking system to track all tasks and user stories. A Customer project manager, who will also serve as the product owner, will oversee the team. The employee team is expected to interface and collaborate with project managers and system engineers on the receiving systems to ensure integrated delivery and performance.

The Employee team shall possess extensive experience working and producing Angular user interfaces and Java development using Spring and Hibernate. The team shall possess experience developing and consuming REST web services and integrating them with a SQL backend, such as Oracle. The Employee shall have experience in DevOps and successfully promoting applications from one environment to another.

The Employee team shall be required to have expertise in the following technologies:

  • The employee must possess software/database development experience within the last 2 years; demonstrated experience with Agile methodology; and demonstrated knowledge or experience in a DevOps environment. The development team as a whole must demonstrate appropriate overlapping skills to provide experience in but not be limited to, the following:

o Developing Angular user interfaces.

o Java development using Spring and Hibernate.

o Developing and consuming REST web services.

o Integrating with SQL backends (such as Oracle).

o Deploying and maintaining redundant applications hosted in Linux and using Apache with Amazon Web Services.

o At least one developer should have familiarity with Microsoft Identity Manager

  • The employee must have application testing experience, with recent test automation experience with Selenium or HP-Unified Functional Testing (HP-UFT). Experience in the Customer’s development environment within the last 2 years is preferred.

The Employee team as a whole shall have expertise in the following technologies to include, but not limited to:

GitHub Angular

Spring Hibernate

SQL (Oracle) Java/JavaScript

Jenkins Jira

REST Services Selenium or HP-UFT

Microsoft Identity Manager

Other demonstrated experiences which are highly desired, though not required, include:

  • Experience within the Customer’s development environment.
  • System engineers having experience with Tableau.
  • Developers have experience using test-driven development.

Assessment and Validation

The Employee shall collaboratively assess candidate capabilities, identify key interdependencies, roadblocks, issues, and risks with modifying existing systems and develop/integrate/implement a plan to proactively address these issues in a timely manner. The Employee shall support the measurement of

all systems and development with Customer identified DevOps metrics, and the Employee shall adapt in a timely manner as those metrics as they change.

Evaluation of Existing Business Systems and Development of new Customer Business Applications:

The Employee shall develop and document requirements for Customer capability.

The Employee shall develop new capabilities to satisfy respective requirements.

The Employee shall develop, document and implement unit tests for all development.

The Employee shall develop, document, execute test scenarios, plans and procedures for acceptance testing, and have the test report accepted by the Customer before deployment.

The Employee shall ensure the software interfaces properly with related systems and includes configuring and installing appropriate software, to include integration test windows for partner applications and interconnection documents.

The Employee shall complete performance testing, in collaboration with O&M system and provide a comparison to previous performance measures as part of the test report.

Security Accreditation

The Employee shall work with Customer to maintain and implement a strategy for appropriately handling security-sensitive applications. The Employee shall address applicable auditing requirements. The Employee shall comply with the Customer’s Assessment and Authorization (A&A) process and provide for the appropriate documentation through the various facets of this process. Customer shall approve these packages prior to providing to accreditation authority. The Employee shall provide personnel with the requisite skills and expertise needed to successfully perform and deliver the requirements as requested by the Customer.


Job Category: Software Developer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Herndon
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